Why Networking?

People bring to their job more than just the skills they have accumulated through years of education and experience. They also bring the assets they can procure through their social networks.

Research has shown that success depends on our relationships with others as much as it does on ourselves. Pay, promotion, and accomplishments are largely determined by the structure and composition of one's personal and business networks.

It's not size- the sheer number of contacts maintained by a person- that counts. Rather it's the diversity of connections- the number of different types of people, units, expertise, technologies and viewpoints- that people can access through their networks.

Building effective networks which display size, quality and diversity is a skill that we are rarely taught. Instead silos are ubiquitous at all levels of organisation and lead to inefficiency though not allowing the full resources within an organisation to be leveraged.

The benefits of networking are well researched and include: daily job support, influential access, emotional support, political support, information and ideas, innovation and business development.

I offer 3 main services:

Executive Coaching (click for more details)

Often individuals might want specific feedback on developing their own network and addressing unique challenges they face. Steven brings to his coaching clients an extensive background in NLP, Gestalt psychotherapy, ontological coaching and organisational consulting- to help create breakthrough results for his personal coaching clients.

From an initial free consultation Steven will determine with you how he can best assist you in achieving your goals. Whether that is starting your own business, developing your confidence or speaking skills, building your profile or breaking negative patterns that hold you back, Steven is committed to supporting you in your success.

He has coached clients face to face, and also via telephone or skype globally . To discuss your own individual needs and work one-to-one with Steven please contact him.

Interactive talks and Keynote speeches.

Whether the audience are graduates or CEO's I have experience in sharing some of the most effective principles and ground breaking research for effective networking for personal and career success in a way that is memorable and highly practical.

Talks range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes and every talk is customized to meet your needs. Talks can also end with optional speed networking, allowing participants to meet each other in a fun, relaxed and energizing manner. Steven's talks have ranged from small groups of 10-12 people to conferences with hundreds of delegates.


Steven offers half day, one day and two day 'Net Success' workshops on 'Achieving Success through Networking and Social Capital'. The workshops cover all the skills of effective networking and in addition show how developing specific types of networks, called 'Bridge Networks' and becoming a 'T' shaped leader will lead to increase personal and work performance.

Effective Strategic Leadership involves not only understanding how to formally bridge silos but also how informal relationships and activities can be leveraged to communicate and add value so that you may effectively implement and execute strategy.

Each workshop is carefully tailored to the audience and is delivered in an engaging style with an emphasis on practical skills people can use immediately in the work place. These workshops are an ideal career development initiative to create a culture of networking and collaboration throughout your organization. Steven has worked with graduates to CEO's and his clients

include some of the world's leading business schools and international organizations.

e.g. Outline of workshop

Net Success - Workshop

Participants will gain:

  • A clear understanding of Social Capital
  • Knowledge on how the structure of networks can impact personal and career success
  • Practical tips on how to become a 'T' shaped Leader
  • Effective tools for personal networking
  • Simple techniques for meeting the people they want to
  • Ideas on how to build their network and understand their network strengths
  • Strategies for maintaining and renewing their network
  • The power of diversity in their network for creativity and innovation
  • Practical exercises on building strategies and practicing networking

In addition they will also have:

  • An opportunity to share their own experiences of networking.
  • Greater opportunity for practical exercises and application discussion
  • A pre- workshop 'Social Capital Network Assessment' in which they will have a detailed nine page personal report on their own networks and areas for development.

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